Realtor Referrals:
A Partnership of Trust and Rewards

Realtors stand at the core of Lucroy Residential’s success story. Acknowledging this pivotal relationship, we not only offer enticing financial rewards for your referrals but also ardently safeguard the trust you’ve built with your clients. When the time comes for them to buy or sell, rest assured, we’ll guide them back to you, upholding the bond you’ve meticulously cultivated.

Should your clients express the need for top-tier property management, Lucroy Residential is poised to be your trusted ally. Join hands with us and let’s together ensure that your clients receive unparalleled property management services in Jackson, Mississippi. Your trust, our commitment.

Our referral fee is up to $650 to a licensed agent, and we will return the client back to you when they sell.


Lucroy Residential Offers A Comprehensive Range Of Services

  • Free Rental Analysis
  • Thorough Tenant Screening
  • Enforcement of Tenant Behavior
  • Efficient Lease Agreement
  • Online Owner Portals
  • Expert Maintenance Coordination
  • Accurate Financial Reporting
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Prompt Owner Withdrawals

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